Eye witness account says Vince McMahon had trouble moving at Raw


In a post on the popular Reddit SquaredCircle forum, a fan who was at yesterday’s Monday Night Raw said that Vince McMahon needed help when walking up and down the ramp because of apparent vision problems.

“Vince needed to follow a spotlight to the ring in order to know where he was going,” the user wrote, adding that he thought it was part of his entrance at first.

But then he mentioned that there was a crew member who was directing him to the ring from a distance, “making hand motions and pointing to various things so Vince doesn’t bump into stuff.”

After McMahon was done with his speech and started to walk back, he had to wait for crew members who began to point a pocket flashlight to the floor for Vince to follow it as he exited from the right side under the stage.

“His demeanor and stance would make you think otherwise but it was clear that he’s going blind or has limited vision at this point in his life. No one else needed assistance,” the user, who goes by the screen name BlackNostalgia said.

McMahon has not appeared on WWE television since before the Survivor Series.