Eva Marie lands role in upcoming Nicholas Cage movie


The currently suspended Eva Marie has just got herself cast into a Nicholas Cage movie according to EW.COM.

The movie is titled Inconceivable and has Cage and Faye Dunaway as the leading stars. Nicky Whelan and Eva Marie will also have roles in this Jonathan Baker’s film set from Chloe King’s screenplay. The movie will start shooting next month and depending how big Eva Marie’s role is, we might not see her on TV for a few more weeks following her suspension.

The synopsis from the film per Deadline.com reads, “When Katie (Whelan) moves to town with her young daughter in order to start a new life after enduring abuse in her past, she quickly befriends another mother, Angela, and her husband Brian (Cage). Angela notices odd behavior from Katie and begins to question whether Katie’s intentions are as innocent as she makes them out to be, or if something dark is lurking beneath the surface.”

Eva Marie is part of “Team Rock” and is managed by Dwayne Johnson’s business parter and ex-wife Dany Garcia.