ESPN’s Jonathan Coachman makes surprise appearance at WWE MSG live event


ESPN broadcaster Jonathan Coachman made a surprise in-ring appearance last night at the non-televised show at Madison Square Garden.

The Coach came out and said that Shane McMahon invited him over who told him that he will soon be running things at WWE. The former WWE commentator then introduced the Dudley Boyz for their tag team match against The New Day and The Usos. Coach asked the Dudley Boyz where are the tables, a question which the Dudleyz did not like.

Eventually Coach stuck around for the match, which was won by The New Day, and much to delight of the crowd then danced with Woods, Big E, and Kingston in the middle of the ring. He even tried to do the worm but only managed to do the first part of the move before he had to be helped by The New Day!

When a fan on Twitter told Coach that it was cool to see him back in a WWE ring, Coach replied, “Thanks. You all were so incredible to me. Thank you.”

You can see the video of him dancing with New Day below.