ESPN’s coverage of SummerSlam with Jonathan Coachman to kick off today


ESPN’s coverage of SummerSlam starts today as Jonathan Coachman traveled to Brooklyn from Connecticut to start his two-day work for SportsCenter embedded within the company he worked for a decade.

Coachman is getting a lot of flack on Twitter for his role and told fans to “get over it.” When he asked followers to send in questions they might have for their favorite WWE Superstar or Diva, Coach wrote that they might either send a legitimate question or “if you want to be stupid and ruin it so be it.” Coach will be sitting down with the Bellas, Charlotte, Roman Reigns, PrimeTime Players, and Seth Rollins today with all the interviews to be available on ESPN.COM.

Tomorrow at 11:30AM John Cena will be live on ESPN SportsCenter. “I think someone will say the champ is here. You might want to join us. Just sayin,” Coachman wrote. ESPN will have constant feeds from Brooklyn tomorrow between 10AM and 1PM and then from 6PM to 7PM.