Erik of The Viking Raiders also undergoes surgery


Erik of The Viking Raiders announced in a post on social media that he underwent surgery to remove a surgical screw from his triceps.

“Today I had some hardware removed from my cyborg arm. I’ve been putting off this surgery for a very long time and just worked around and thru the pain and limitations caused by a surgical screw protruding into my triceps,” Erik wrote. “For the last several years I’ve been fighting and training with one arm tied behind my back. Thanks to the wonderful Dr Dugas, I’m excited to come back at full strength. I’ll see you guys real soon.”

Erik now joins his tag team partner Ivar on the injured list, with Ivar undergoing neck surgery a couple of weeks ago after an injury he suffered during a match on Raw.

Erik’s surgery took place at the Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center in Birmingham, Alabama, the same place where almost all WWE Superstars go to get fixed up.