Enzo Amore suffering from concussion, other related tests are negative


Several tests that Enzo Amore went through last night at a Chicago hospital all came negative however the former NXT star is suffering from a severe concussion according to WWE.COM.

Amore was completely knocked out during his time at ringside and it was only when he got to backstage that he got his bearings back. EMTs stretchered him out with an oxygen mask while WWE cameras cut to the Owens/Zayn recap video.

His tag team partner Big Cass and Kevin Owens were with him at the hospital and after he was discharged later in the night, Amore tweeted a picture giving two thumbs up.

Considering the severity of the blow to the head and the amount of time he was out, WWE will not rush him back anytime soon and he will have to undergo numerous other tests. It’s certainly bad timing for Enzo and Big Cass as they have been well received from the WWE crowd ever since moving up to the main roster the day after WrestleMania 32.