Elias album a big hit on iTunes!

"Crying at this greatness!"


WWE fans are truly walking with Elias as his debut album titled Walk With Elias has hit the #6 position on iTunes in the overall music chart.

Selling for just $2.99 for four songs, the album has 4.5 stars and some hilarious reviews. “He probably made a full album, but we are only worthy for the four songs,” wrote one reviewer. “Elias is a musical genius. As somebody who has attended the ‘Elias World Tour’ multiple times, I can honestly say there is no bigger star in music/entertainment than Elias,” wrote another user. “Crying at this greatness,” was the subject of another review from a different fan.

But out of all the great reviews, there are some pretty hilarious bad ones as well. “I’d rather buy Zack Ryder’s Hoeski single a million times then this garbage,” wrote one buyer. “His singing is crap and he can’t sing at all! Unless you like your ears bleeding I highly recommend don’t buy this album full of ear rape,” said another.

You can buy the album at https://w-o.it/2v5DxHA.