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Edge describes his match against Orton as kinda crazy, kinda fun, and a massive challenge


In a long social media post, WWE Hall of Famer Edge discussed tonight’s match against Randy Orton which WWE is billing as the greatest wrestling match ever.

Edge said that this month was a pressure-filled month, pressure that he put on himself to perform and to prove to himself that he could still perform at the level he wants and expects.

“To give our fan base something to enjoy and talk about. To hopefully give them the same feeling I get watching Bret Hart matches. That’s a big task,” Edge wrote, noting that this is his first pure wrestling match in nine-and-a-half years.

Being 46 years old and having both his neck and right wrist fused and with the promotion billing this match the “greatest wrestling match ever” before it was even taped during a pandemic with no fans was “kinda crazy,” “kinda fun,” and most of all, “a massive challenge.”

Edge said he’d rather be put to this task than leave it to someone else as he thrives for these type of challenges.

“What I can say is that I have poured my full heart and soul into this match. I’ve studied. Didn’t sleep much. Because I care. I care about my work ethic. I care about my body of work. I care about and love this art form more than any other. Nothing else compares. It’s my childhood dreams come true. That’s the why,” the Rated-R Superstar continued.

He told fans that when they watch Backlash tonight, they will see, “two men, two professionals, two WRESTLERS, giving you EVERYTHING they have on that night. Against my toughest opponent. Against my greatest opponent.”

Edge ended by saying that the greatest wrestling match ever tag line is all subjective and he can’t worry about it but he’s proud to walk away proud that he left everything in that ring. “And hopefully give all of your minds a little break from what’s going on in the world.”

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