Drone footage shows massive stage construction for WrestleMania


Aerial footage from a drone filmed by Orlando’s News 6 WKMG shows the construction of the biggest stage in WrestleMania history…and those who are afraid of heights will have a big problem come Sunday night!

Perhaps the most impressive thing on the stage seems to be the apparent replica of a roller coaster being built at the very top of the stadium, with the ramp starting from underneath it at the top tier of the north side of the stadium, making it a very high, and very long entrance way.

The ring is being covered by a canopy with four large steel structures in the corner that will surely block the view of those who are sitting right across it. A round large screen will sit underneath the canopy that will serve video to the whole stadium.

A massive WrestleMania steel logo is also visible, though not put in place yet.

One thing is for sure, WWE spared no expenses in constructing the stage for this year’s WrestleMania. The empty north side of the stadium was key to allow such a big stage. You can see the drone footage below.