Darren Young publicly comes out as gay


TMZ.COM caught up with Darren Young of the Primetime Players at an airport and asked him if a gay wrestler would be able to make it in WWE.

“Absolutely, look at me. I’m a WWE Superstar and to be honest with you I’m gay, and I’m happy,” Young said.

And with that, Young became the first WWE Superstar to come out publicly as gay and hoped to pave the way and make a difference to others who are gay within WWE and still didn’t come out.

He said some people might like it and others won’t but he’s happy and that’s all it matters.

When the interviewer asked him if there would be any issues or concerns among his peers considering this is a contact sport, Young said they’re all adults and when he’s there to work it’s just business and it’s all about entertaining the WWE Universe.

You can see the TMZ.COM interview with Young below.