Daniel Bryan throws a hint about his future during Talking Smack


During the latest Talking Smack episode on the WWE Network, The Miz and Daniel Bryan once again went at it, providing an entertaining segment that sometimes makes you wonder if they’re shooting for real.

When Bryan zinged The Miz about his straight-to-DVD movies, Maryse asked the Smackdown GM how many movies he did, and Bryan said none, because he doesn’t want to be an actor. “You wanna be a wrestler but you can’t wrestle because of your head, it’s okay,” The Miz fired back. “I can’t or they won’t let me? We’ll see in a year and a half and see what happens,” Bryan replied.

The former WWE champion has made it clear in previous interviews that he would not mind swapping the bright lights of WWE for independent promotions as long as he gets to wrestle again. Bryan was forced to retire by WWE after he was told that he would not get cleared to compete due to his concussions. His contract is set to expire after mid-2018.

After his time away from WWE due to his injury, his contract was frozen and then resumed once he returned. When he was approached to take the Smackdown GM role, Bryan couldn’t technically refuse as he was still employed by WWE and as long as he was under a WWE deal he had to play whatever role he was offered.

Bryan is one of those Superstars who would probably make a lot of money even if not part of WWE, commanding a steep price for wrestling on the independent circuit and abroad.