Daniel Bryan reveals plans for new Women’s title for Smackdown


During an appearance on Bear Hug It Out podcast earlier today to promote tonight’s Smackdown, General Manager Daniel Bryan revealed that they will be creating a Women’s title for Smackdown.

When asked how he feels about Raw creating the WWE Universal title, Bryan said he’s not against it creating their own title because they’re doing it for the Women’s division on Smackdown. However they will take their time with this one to “make sure we do it right.”

Bryan said that it feels great that Smackdown has the only “real” world title. Whoever was going to get the WWE championship was always going to get the upper hand so to speak as the WWE title is regarded as the most prestigious title in the world of professional wrestling today and creating a new Universal title wouldn’t change that fact.

You can see the video of Bryan talking about the creation of the Women’s title below