Daniel Bryan leaves European tour due to his injuries


WWE Intercontinental champion Daniel Bryan has left the European tour which is in progress right because of his injuries, validating WWE’s point of not pushing Bryan to main event status since his return due to their uncertainty over the methods used to rehab his injuries.

Bryan was at Smackdown this week in London but has now departed for the United States after he was unable to wrestle because of certain limitations stemming from his injuries.

The former WWE Heavyweight champion was urged to undergo second surgery to repair his elbow but Bryan, against perhaps other doctor suggestions, chose an alternative method from a doctor in Denver. In a recent interview, Bryan said that he’s had two treatments of two hours each consisting of “relatively painful stuff” but the strength in his arm has held up since the last visit in November.

He said that if he encounters problems again he will go back to Denver to see the same doctor, ruling out surgery that was initially suggested to him.

Fans were angry that when Bryan returned he wasn’t given the Royal Rumble win and WrestleMania main event spot which ultimately went to Roman Reigns. The crowd turned on Reigns as they believed it was Bryan’s spot but WWE questioned his recovery methods from day one and didn’t want to take another risk so early, a risk which if taken would have been disastrous.