Dana Warrior expresses joy about the creation of The Warrior Award


Dana Warrior, the wife of the late Ultimate Warrior, expressed her overwhelming joy that WWE has decided to honor her husband with the creation of The Warrior Award.

“My heart bursts with technicolor joy that a warrior such as Connor will be the inaugural inductee. His passion and vibrancy in the way he tackled life is a testament to his warrior spirit,” Dana wrote in a post on Facebook.

“I have no doubt when Connor reached heaven my husband shook the ropes to welcome him home. I could not be more honored to help induct Connor the Crusher into the Class of 2015 Hall of Fame,” she added.

Dana said that she will treasure this moment forever and things like this makes her glad to be alive and that’s why she always believes.

Ever since Warrior passed away, WWE has taken care of his family in more ways than anyone can imagine, with WWE keeping their promise and honoring their commitment to Warrior.