Dana Brooke’s 26-year-old boyfriend Dallas McCarver passes away


TMZ.COM is reporting that Dallas McCarver, the 26-year-old boyfriend of WWE Superstar Dana Brooke passed away.

The bodybuilder known as “Big Country” apparently died after he choked on his food at his Florida home. Brooke told TMZ that he was found unconscious just after midnight Tuesday morning by a friend at his home shortly after they spoke on the phone.

He was taken to a local hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival. There does not seem to be any foul play involved according to police.

Brooke told TMZ that McCarver told her he was about to make dinner and the last thing he said to her was, “I love you. Goodbye.”

In a post on Instagram, Brooke wrote that the Lord received “another angel” who happened to be her life, the only one who understood her. “He is the best individual I have ever met – my ying to my yang…finished my sentences and knew what I was thinking before I’d say it,” she wrote.