Damien Sandow joins the future endeavors fired Superstars


Damien Sandow is the latest victim of WWE’s Black Friday and the eighth Superstar to get the pink slip today.

Sandow started with the WWE in 2002 where he spent most of the time in developmental at Ohio Valley Wrestling. In 2006 he debuted on Smackdown as Idol Stevens but a year later was released.

He returned to WWE in 2010, first at Florida Championship Wrestling and then making his TV debut on Smackdown in 2012 as the Intellectual Savior of the Masses. He teamed up with Cody Rhodes later and the two used the name of Team Rhodes Scholars. In 2013 he won the Money In The Bank match, throwing his tag team partner off the ladder to steal the win. He is one of the two who cashed in the MITB briefcase and lost, with his chance coming at Hell In A Cell that year attacking John Cena after Cena defeated Alberto Del Rio.

In 2014 he started a gimmick where he impersonated several stars and then in August joined The Miz as his stunt double using the name Damien Mizdow. This gimmick got over big and fans were entertained by Mizdow doing the same moves as The Miz but outside the ring including taking bumps. The two broke off their alliance during the WrestleMania 31 Andre The Giant Battle Royal.

In 2015, Sandow teamed up with Curtis Axel as The Meta Powers, with Axel as Hogan and Sandow as Macho Man, changing his name to Macho Mandow. Hulk Hogan’s legal troubles and his departure from WWE spelled the end for The Meta Powers since WWE didn’t want to be associated in any way with Hogan anymore.

Sandow last appeared this past Monday on Raw where he competed in the battle royal with the winner getting a shot at the US title. In his time in WWE, Sandow won the Tag Team title once and two Slammy Awards.