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Curtis Axel is the third Paul Heyman guy


Joe Hennig, the son of the late WWE Hall of Famer Mr Perfect, was repackaged and given a reboot yesterday on Monday Night RAW using the name of Curtis Axel, the third Paul Heyman guy.

Hennig has been signed to a WWE deal since March 2007, wrestling for FCW. He appeared in the second season of NXT under the name of Michael McGillicutty but came up short of winning the season, losing to Kaval.

He formed part of the Nexus when CM Punk took over in 2011 and won the tag team titles with David Otunga in May of that year. After losing the tag belts, he appeared mostly on Superstars before returning on NXT Redemption.

The name of Curtis Axel is a tribute to his dad and grandfather. His dad’s name was Curt while his grandfather’s nickname was The Axe.

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