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Crowds face long lines in confined spaces to get to their WrestleMania seat

Thousands and thousands of fans experienced the nightmare that happens every year – trying to get to your seat for a WrestleMania in time.

Despite doors opening earlier, getting inside the AT&T Stadium was no easy feat and standing outside the majestic building looking at the lines you would have thought it was damn near impossible to get in by the time the show was over.

Reddit user thumbscrews posted on the SquaredCircle forum that people began passing out while inside due to the heat as thousands of fans walked – or tried to at least – through the AT&T Stadium hallways.

“It took them 10 min. to get a medic to one older gentleman who fainted in front of us. Another girl had a seizure near us as well. Finally, police and staff on the ramp leading into the corridor ordered AT&T to remove the ticket check/wristband vinyl rope-line to let us move through faster,” he wrote. “It was so hot and very scary. It was so hard to breathe as people were firmly pressed into each other. We were herded like cattle with what seemed like nowhere to go.”

The description resembles the same thing that happened at the New Orleans Superdome at WrestleMania XXX where fans were made to walk all around the stadium from the hallways as some parts were blocked.

“People could have also been trampled as people were becoming very panicked and angry. Seriously, people could have been killed,” the Reddit user added.

The first two Kickoff show matches took place in a pretty much empty stadium and it was only when the last match took place – The Usos vs The Dudley Boyz – that the majority of the people were getting in their seats.

Both WWE and AT&T Stadium apologized for the long waiting times citing new added security measures as the cause of the delay in getting in.

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