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Dwayne Johnson already back filming after electric night at WrestleMania

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson came, conquered, and went back to resume filming his Baywatch movie. Johnson departed Dallas right after WrestleMania and only got into town on Saturday night due to his busy schedule.

“Such an honor and a privilege to perform in front of you. I love you guys, and thank you,” The Rock said in a video posted on his Instagram just before he boarded a private jet.

“Thank you to ALL the WWE employees (so many of you I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting) who worked their butts off to make this night a huge success. Congratulations and what a win,” he added in another separate post later. “Thank you to my in ring ‘dancing partners’ who came to the dance with one goal – to ‘own the night’. Big bad talented dudes. Wyatts.”

The Rock also thanked the fans for the record breaking night and said they will always be the greatest connection he has. “You’re simply the best and I’m grateful. Aaaaand Ho-lee f*ck were you loud tonight!”

The original idea was for Rock to wrestle Triple H on the show in a continuation of last year’s WrestleMania segment however the insurance company covering his latest movie objected to the idea due to potential injuries. If you remember, The Rock was injured in his match against Cena at WrestleMania a few years ago that delayed the filming of his movie Hercules by several weeks, costing additional tens of millions of dollars to halt production.

Despite the insurance blocking, Rock still managed to get physical and had a six second “match” against Erick Rowan, delivering the Rock Bottom and later a spine buster and the People’s Elbow on Bray Wyatt.

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