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Cody Rhodes tasked with a gender reveal after Raw goes off the air!


Fans who attend shows and Cody is on the card can always expect something, especially after the shows go off the air. Usually Cody gives out free stuff or things like that, but last night after Raw, the American Nightmare was tasked with a very important thing: a gender reveal!

Cody spotted a sign at front row which read, “Cody, are we having a boy or a girl?” and obviously, Cody played along.

“I feel like we gotta find out, is there an envelope?” Cody asked.

There was an envelope indeed and after it was handed to him, he asked the couple if they’re sure they wanted to do this.

“I’m really touched, this is wild,” Cody continued. “I’ve never done a gender reveal before…actually I did one for myself and the Internet was pissed about it!”

He then said that he feels that this baby now belongs to everyone at the SAP Center as well.

“Gender reveal time…San Jose, I need a drumroll please,” Cody said as he opened the envelope.

“IT’S A BOY!” Rhodes announced to a big pop from the sold out crowd. He then congratulated the couple and said he hopes the baby will one day make it here to see what this is all about!

Cody did give a tip to the couple before he ended the night, saying, “If you wanna name the boy Cody, don’t, it’s a terrible redneck name you don’t wanna do it!”

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