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Cody Rhodes dedicating both WrestleMania matches to his fans


Doing the media rounds ahead of WrestleMania, Cody Rhodes credited the fans for putting him in this position and said that if it were not for them, he wouldn’t be in that spot on the card.

The American Nightmare said that he is dedicating his matches on Saturday and Sunday to all his fans around the world.

“Nothing in my entire career will ever be as touching,” Rhodes said. “Just the fact that the biggest movie star on the planet came in…and they still do love him, The Final Boss. The Rock doesn’t realize they still do love him. They just didn’t want him to step in front of this year-long story that we’ve been part of and me trying to capture a championship my family’s never held before.”

Rhodes joked that his mother told him that she’s bringing bear spray for the match and Cody told her that it’s not allowed in the stadium!

“She’s coming into WrestleMania week in Philadelphia probably with everyone just wondering what she’s going to do, and who knows? She’s the best, she’s seen it all, she’s perfect, she’ll be there in the front row,” Cody continued. “Rock ain’t getting nowhere near her. And if I can say anything about The Rock’s mom…lovely lady!”


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