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Cody reveals that Raw promo was not scripted and was told to go tell his story

Appearing on The Bump, Cody Rhodes said that his promo on Monday Night Raw was not scripted and WWE gave him a live mic to tell the story he wanted and needed to tell.

Saying that every word came from the heart, he mentioned that maybe it sets a good precedent for the future when it comes to promos. “I know what I’m doing with a mic and I don’t need to be told,” Rhodes said.

Rhodes said that he has the WWWF title that was shown in the Dusty photo on Raw and last week he said that it was actually Dan Lambert from American Top Team who owned it and handed it over to him for free because he felt that it should be with the Rhodes family.

On the reaction he received at WrestleMania and Raw, Cody said he was surprised that it was all cheers and no boos and was ready for a more “polarizing” reaction from the crowd.

“I’m an outsider, I broke the throne, I helped create an alternative promotion and I caused an incredible amount of disturbance in this world and it wasn’t a negative return, it was a positive,” Cody said, adding that he loved everything about AEW but it was time for him to move forward with his career.

He mentioned that this weekend was a vindication to show up as him, the character he created after he left WWE. “It felt like a triumphant return,” he said.

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