Home WWE Cody on WWE return before injury: “Best three months of my life”

Cody on WWE return before injury: “Best three months of my life”


TMZ.COM cameras caught up with the American Nightmare Cody Rhodes and asked him how recovery has been going and about his return to WWE.

Cody said that WWE has treated him “like the house that built him” and it’s amazing to be back. He said that after his return, everything was rolling fast and then got a bump in the road with his torn pec.

“It was like the best three months of my life. Hopefully we can get back to that soon,” Cody said.

Asked about a timeline on his return, Cody repeated a previous statement saying that they haven’t given him one because they know he’s going to test it, but he has an idea in mind, and so do the fans.

“I have in my mind where I want to be and I think a lot of fans have in their mind where I’d like to be, the former AEW TNT champion said. “That’s hopefully where it’s at. What happens next, hopefully, and what we do, this is all speculative and up in the air. Hopefully it’s a run people will remember and I have to be healthy for it,” he continued.

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