CM Punk’s interview stings WWE’s highest officials


Unsurprisingly, the CM Punk interview on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast was the talk of the town among WWE Superstars and staff members.

Several industry insiders say that while the talent were happy with what was said, management was not pleased about it and it could have been avoided if a non-disparaging agreement was reached with Punk. According to other reports, Triple H was absolutely livid about the interview.

Punk was not legally bind to keep his mouth shut over what happened and the only thing he couldn’t discuss was the terms of the settlement. As he discussed, thanks to a powerful attorney, he was able to get everything he wanted and more, and blew the company off when they asked for a non-disparaging agreement like they signed with Alberto Del Rio.

The talent were mostly happy because Punk outed WWE’s management disasters when it comes to booking and how they treat their own when they are injured. They are topics that while all of them are aware of, none of them would be wise to go and complain about them.