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CM Punk talks getting cleared, culture change, and more at post-show press conference


At the Clash at the Castle post-show press conference, CM Punk said that he’s hoping to get cleared next week and will appear on Friday’s Smackdown from Chicago to hopefully deliver the good news.

Punk said that he was given permission to skip Raw on Monday to go back home and visit the doctors to get the all clear. He noted that his arm feels “amazing” after nearly five months of rehabilitation. Punk suffered a torn triceps during the Royal Rumble at the hands of Drew McIntyre and Punk made sure to screw McIntyre out of the World Heavyweight title again last night at Clash at the Castle.

Punk, wearing a Celtic t-shirt, which is a big no no in Glasgow, said Scotland loves him despite screwing McIntyre and wearing that green shirt in the city. “Maybe the biggest guy in Scotland doesn’t like me, but I think people in general are happy to see me,” Punk said.

Punk said he doesn’t wish on anyone, even McIntyre, to suffer any injury and take away food from their family’s table and doesn’t harbor any animosity towards McIntyre for the freak accident at the Rumble, saying this is a combat sport and accidents do happen to all athletes.

Asked by someone from the media if he would take on Drew McIntyre in a Hell In A Cell in his first match back, Punk didn’t mince his words.

“I mean this with all due respect, this is why I am happy you do not run a professional wrestling company,” Punk said bluntly. “First match is a Hell in a Cell match? Brother, you gotta take that fantasy booking shit somewhere else!”

With his time up, Punk didn’t want to leave and wanted another question from a female this time around because of too much testosterone in the room already!

Asked how it feels to be back now, several months in, Punk joked that it’s great because they even have donuts now!

“The climate has changed. It is a completely different culture. I try not to do media because I honestly don’t like a lot of you,” Punk said while cracking a smile.

“Somebody here, and I’m very bad at compliments, told me they were extremely happy that I was back to experience the atmosphere and culture that I started to grow here and a lot of it was because of me, why this place is like this now. A lot of things I fought for, asked for, and begged for, and they are in place, and it’s a much better place,” Punk responded. “I’m older and wiser. It’s a great crew. It’s magic.”

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