CM Punk survives triple threat WWE title match at Survivor Series

Survivor Series has been a trademark of the WWE PPV events for 25 years, and tonight, the 26th showing will be no different in regards to some of the best matches in WWE history.


We will find out if CM Punk holds the belt past day number 364. If he wins tonight, Monday will mark a full calendar year that CM Punk has been champion. Last time we saw a reign this long was John Cena. He held the title for 380 days in 2006-2007.

Also tonight, a rematch from Hell in A Cell finds Sheamus facing The Big Show in an attempt to reclaim his title that he lost. As always, the Money in the Bank Winner Dolph Ziggler is still waiting for the right moment.

Tonight, WWE’s Survivor Series is live from Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The play by play broadcasters tonight are Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and JBL.

Our 1st Match is Brodus Clay, Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, Sin Cara, and Rey Mysterio vs. Tensai, Primo, Epico, Darren Young, Titus O’Neil in a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match

We start with Kidd vs Epico and Kidd brings the mat game to Epico but a mistake from Kidd on the outside allows Epico to…to, my God does Rosa look good. Damn, ok, Justin in and controls Epico in his corner. Mysterio comes but gets taken out real fast by the tagged in Darren. Mysterio uses speed to get away and tag Sin Cara then Primo gets tagged in. Sin Cara works on him with a huge slam to the mat.

Primo able to tag in Tensai after a closeline from Primo. Tensai then throws Sin Cara into his corner and tags Titus who does quick work and tags Epico, then Tensai again who dominates. Tensai then attacks the entire corner but is blocked by Brodus. Brodus then gets tagged and clears the entire ring of the opposing team.

Brodus and Tensai remain in the ring and the battle of the biggest guys in WWE face each other. Huge collision from Tensai allows Brodus Clay to be pinned and eliminated.

Brodus Clay is 1st to be eliminated from his team.

Justin comes in to face Tensai and clearly loses the battle as he jumped and hit that brick wall. Titus comes in and continues to work the back of Justin. Justin does fight back but loses as Tensai falls hard onto Justin for a 2 count pin. Huge reverse allows a quick rollup for Tensai and Justin gets the 3 count.

Tensai is 1st to be eliminated from his team.

Tensai lays out Justin before leaving and Titus enters the ring then Epico enters but not able to stop Kidd from getting tagged in. Kidd enters but gets taken out fast on the outside of the ring. Back into the ring, Kidd gets worked on by Titus and showing his power . He turns his back at the wrong time and gets nailed with a kick to the head then gets rolled up for the 3 count.

Titus O’Neil is 2nd to be eliminated from his team.

Justin not able to tag as Darren and Epico still hurting Kidd. Kidd able to avoid a swinging Epico and applies the Sharp Shooter and Epico taps out.

Epico is to 3rd be eliminated from his team.

Kidd able to tag in Mysterio and he goes after Primo. Mysterio misses the 619 but still able to get a huge hit on Primo and this allows Mysterio to pin Primo for 3.

Primo is 4th to be eliminated from his team.

Now, Kidd, Justin, Sin Cara, and Mysterio tag and hit each of their high flying moves and are easily able to pin Darren.

Darren Young is 5th to be eliminated from his team.

Winners of the Match – Justin Gabriel, Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio, Tyson Kidd via pinfall.

Our 2nd Match is Eve (c) vs. Kaitlyn for the Divas Championship.

Just before entering the arena, another person tries to attack Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn able to fight off the attacker. A quick camera shot shows it was Aksana. Eve then quickly runs up and asks is she is ok. Kaitlyn just shoves Eve to the floor.

Now, both walked to the ring and Kaitlyn just mauls Eve in the ring and seems to be in big trouble. Eve tries twice to leave the ring and over the barricade but Kaitlyn stops her each time. Back in the ring, Eve able to finally fight back with a kick to the stomach and head then pin attempt but only gets 2. Two face slaps from Eve then elbow to the spine gets another 2 count.

Eve able to apply a leg-head lock but Kaitlyn able to break the hold via the ropes. As Eve stands on the top rope, Kaitlyn knocks her ass down to the outside mat then Kaitlyn looks mad as Eve cries and begs for mercy. Kaitlyn with a huge slap to the face then throws Eve around by her hair then gets a big hit to the gut for a 2 count. Eve able to get to the outside again and takes out Kaitlyn as she rolled outside then gets her back into the ring to hit a neck breaker for the 3 count.

Winner of the Match – Eve via pinfall to retain the Divas Championship.

Camera cuts before the entrance of the next match showing both locker rooms and every single member yelling and screaming at each other. Very dysfunctional teams here.

Our 3rd Match is Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. R-Truth for the United States Championship.

Truth goes after the champ quickly and able to get 3 quick pinfall attempts with his speed. Cesaro able to get a head butt in and begins to control the match. He works the ribs of Truth in the corner.

Cesaro begins to slow the match down, working the neck and shoulder of Truth. After stomping the chest, Cesaro pins for 2. Cesaro continues to work the ribs of Truth in the middle of the ring but Truth fights back with a quick 1 count pin attempt but Cesaro then goes back to a bear hug to the ribs.

Truth fights out of the hold and gets an uppercut then catches Cesaro with a heel kick to the face. Now Truth gets a 2 count pin attempt then sizes up Cesaro but an uppercut from Cesaro allows him to hit the Neutralizer finisher for the pin.

Winner of the Match – Antonio Cesaro via pinfall to retain the United States Championship.

We break from the action to go over the AJ Scandal again. AJ Tweeted today the she has evidence of something and is entering the ring now to show it.

AJ claims she has no choice but shows us her evidence while Vickie is in the ring, a photo of Vickie and Ricardo Rodriquez eating burritos, then Vickie and JR eating BBQ Sauce, then Brodus Clay and Vickie in the bedroom while Vickie wearing a leopard one piece. My God, my eyes.

Both then face each other with AJ smiling stating she does not want to fight as if both women hit each other, the other is fired. An unknown female then attacks from behind and is shown to be Tamina, if you forgot, she is the daughter of Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. She then hits the Superfly Splash, just like her father.

Then we cut to Paul Haymen interview claiming Punk will get the credit he is due tonight

Our 4th match is Big Show (c) vs. Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship.

We start right back to where this match ended at Hell in the Cell with Sheamus going right after Big Show but Show just shows his power, then hits some huge slaps to the chest. Sheamus quickly takes out the legs and locks the huge arms of Big Show in the ropes. This allows Sheamus to club the chest 10 times before the ref gets the arms unlocked.

Sheamus jumps from the top rope and Big Show just destroys Sheamus with a spear while Sheamus was in the air. Sheamus rolls to the outside and where Big Show loves. He throws him into the stairs then returns to the ring as Big Show stalks his prey.

Big Show still slowly throwing Sheamus around, hits a head butt, then uses the ropes and five count to continue to work Sheamus. Little offense from Sheamus allows him nothing but a huge kick to the head. Big Show then nails a big elbow drop for a 2 count.

Sheamus again strings together enough to stun Big Show but then walks into a sidewalk slam for another 2 count. Big Show using his tree trunk arms across the back of Sheamus but a mistake allows Sheamus to apply the sleeper, but gets thrown off. Sheamus misses Big Show in the corner and this allows Big Show to get a 2 count again.

Big Show climbs to the ropes but gets caught. Sheamus lifts, walks, and then drops Big Show in the middle of the ring on his back for a close 2 count. With both men on their knees, they smack each other with Sheamus winning this battle then he really shows his power by knocking down Big Show then Sheamus hits White Noise but only musters a 2 count. Now, Both men slowly get up and Sheamus signals for Brogue Kick but Big Show drags the official in the way and Sheamus nails the ref. The ref’s face is already glowing red.

Big Show is stalking behind Sheamus while medical staff help the down ref and nails the knockout punch to Sheamus and another ref comes in and counts 3 count! Michael Cole not happy with this outcome as video shows Big Show pulled the ref.

Winner of the Match – Big Show via pinfall to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

WAIT!!! WAIT!! Another referee now has stated that Big Show is disqualified for pulling the ref into the Brogue Kick.

NEW Winner of the Match – Sheamus via disqualification but Big Show retains the World Heavyweight Championship.

Big Show is not happy with this new outcome and is screaming at the ref, even having some of the conversation muted by WWE then Sheamus, with a chair, nails Big Show in the back. After multiple shots to the body, Big Show is now getting stalked by Sheamus. He is using the chair all over Big Show. Now, Big Show is pleading for Sheamus to stop with the chair shots and he does. He then nails Big Show with the Brogue Kick.

Our 5th match is Team Foley vs. Team Ziggler in a traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match

Team Foley – The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Kane, Daniel Bryan, and Randy Orton.

Team Ziggler – Dolph Ziggler, Damien Sandow, David Otunga, Wade Barrett, and Alberto Del Rio.

Due to injury, Code Rhodes was pulled from Team Ziggler 20 minutes before the start of the PPV per Joey Styles Tweet.

Kofi Starts by trying to pin Otunga real fast with a 2 count. He then takes out Otunga on the outside and then back to the ring, he attempts another pin with 2 count. Daniel gets tagged in and the crowd attacks him with Yes Yes Yes but he gets taken out by Otunga and Sandow in the ring with an Elbow of Distain then a headlock. This doesn’t phase Daniel and he unloads a ton for kicks.

Kane catches Sandow from trying to leave the arena. He drags Sandow to the ring, gets tagged and then he chokeslams him and gets a 3 count.

Damien Sandow is 1st to be eliminated from his team.

Now, Both Kane and Daniel are fighting. Daniel ends up getting tossed over the top rope but Kane gets caught by Ziggler and a kick to the head allows him to pin Kane.

Kane is 1st to be eliminated from his team.

Orton and Miz yell at each other above who will come in next but Orton wins and then takes on Ziggler. He is then able to tag Kofi and Kofi with a huge move that launches Ziggler into the air, going head of heel then lands hard onto his chest then Daniel gets tagged in but meets Wade inwhich he just unloads a ton of knee shots to the head but Daniel falls to the outside of the ring. He is dragged back in for the 2 count. Now, Otunga comes in to take advantage of a hurting Daniel Bryan. David then gets caught really fast and Daniel gets him to tap out to the Yes Lock

David Otunga is 2nd to be eliminated from his team.

Alberto comes in to take on Daniel and a tilt a world back breaker takes down Daniel but Alberto gets thrown over the top rope real hard and this allows Daniel to tag Kofi. Both Kofi and Alberto in the ring and Kofi is unloading shot after shot then hits the Boom Drop. He then signals for Trouble in Paradise but Ziggler interferes. Kofi able to slam Alberto for a 2 count. Alberto is able to tag in Wade and Wade sets up and hits the Bull Hammer to Kofi for the 3 count.

Kofi is 2nd to be eliminated from his team.

Orton comes in to take on Wade and he works the chest and neck. After a few shots, Daniel gets tagged in and unloads even more leg shots to the chest then a missile drop kick for a 2 count. Daniel gets caught and thrown over the top rope and this allows Alberto to tag in. As Daniel gets back into the ring, Daniel tries to apply the Yes Lock but unable to get it locked in. Alberto with a huge kick to the head and applies the cross arm breaker. Daniel taps out.

Daniel Bryan is 3rd to be eliminated from his team.

Miz finally enters the match for the first time to face Alberto. A fresh Miz hits an elbow to the head then tags Orton. He then works the arms of Alberto, and then hits a nice uppercut for a 2 count pin attempt. Alberto able to kick and work the arm of Orton then tags Ziggler who continues to work the same arm of Orton. Head Lock slows the match down for a few seconds until Orton fights back by throwing Ziggler high to the air then onto the mat. Both men tag and Miz vs Wade starts. Miz is controlling the match, he takes out Ziggler from attempting to interfere but Miz hits the Skull crushing finale and gets the 3 count pin attempt.

Wade Barrett is 3rd to be eliminated from his team.

Now, Alberto comes in to take on Miz with him getting a quick pinfall but only gets a 2. Miz then takes out Alberto but Miz misses him in the corner. A kick to the back of Miz allows Alberto to pin Miz.

The Miz is 4th to be eliminated from his team.

Orton, last man standing, enters to take on Alberto and Ziggler by himself. Alberto and Orton trade shots with Alberto getting the upper hand with a kick to the head due to a distraction from Ziggler. Now both Ziggler and Alberto tag each other in and take turns wearing down Orton.

A missed high flying Alberto gets caught by the drop kick from Orton, then hits vintage power slam. A distraction from Ricardo allows Alberto to kick Orton in the head.

Mick Foley then drags down Ricardo and Mr. Socko enters the arena and takes out Ricardo. Now, Ziggler misses a drop kick on Orton and hits Alberto. Orton gets rid of Ziggler so Orton can take out Alberto with the RKO and pins for 3.

Alberto Del Rio is 4th to be eliminated from his team.

Ziggler and Orton remain, Orton targets Ziggler but Ziggler grabs the ropes to save himself from the RKO. Ziggler slams Orton hard and only gets 2 count pin attempt. A bleeding from the mouth Orton then deliveries the DDT. Orton again targets for the RKO but then changes his mind. He is going to go for a punt instead. He is waiting for Ziggler but Ziggler catches him with a super kick and pins Orton for the 3 count.

Randy Orton is 5th to be eliminated from his team.

Winner of the Match – SOLE SURVIVOR Dolph Ziggler via pinfall.

We break to the promo for the Main event of the night. A little triple threat match is next.

Our 6th match is CM Punk(c) vs. Ryback vs. John Cena in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship.

We are about to find out if we will have a retaining 365 day champion, a first time champion, or an 11th time champion. Here we go, lets find out! To just add to the hype, Ryback is the last member to enter the ring. I love this Triple Threat matches!!

We start with Punk running outside of the ring with Cena chasing, then Punk gets chased by Ryback. Now Ryback and Cena take turns at Punk in the corner. Punk comes out and attacks Ryback from behind. He quickly loses and Ryback takes him out then running bulldog from Cena on Punk.

Now Cena and Ryback stare at each other in the ring, first time for this, and Cena loses the power battle but speed allows Cena to take down Ryback then a shoulder tackle allows Ryback to punch and hurt Cena in the corner. Punk then enters and attacks Ryback in the back again. Snap Suplex allows nothing but Ryback to throw Punk to the outside. Body slam from Cena allows for a 2 count on Ryback.

Punk up to the top rope and takes out both men then gets Cena to the outside. Again, Punk to the top rope and takes out Ryback in the ring. A 3rd time, Punk gets caught and slammed into the corner. Punk able to slow Ryback down but Cena runs in for the roll up of 2. Punk then able to reverse a move from Cena which allows a pin attempt on Cena for 2 by Punk. Ryback enters, and hits a running power slam. Cena then slams Ryback and Ryback gets right back up.

Both Cena and Ryback trade shots in the middle of the ring with a shoulder block from Cena stopping Ryback. Punk then drags Cena to the outside and throws him into the stairs hard. Punk now in the ring, working Ryback with a headlock, wearing him down.

Ryback gets out of the hold and closelines the champ, then a back body drop and signals for the meat hook closeline. He nails it then signals for Shell Shock. Cena enters the ring and then applies the STF to Ryback. He has not yet tapped. Punk from behind, climbing the top tope, and delivers the elbow to the back of the neck of Cena but Punk lands awkward on the mat but seems ok.

He signals for the GTS on Cena, Cena then reverses and both men trade shots. Ryback gets back and closelines both men hard. He then picks up and throws out Punk over the top rope. Ryback goes outside and is going to try something by lifting both men but it does not work. Now, Cena and Punk both work on Ryback and now the announce table it going to be used. Both Cena and Punk suplex Ryback right through the table.

Punk and Cena re-enter the ring with Cena winning with multiple shoulder tackles then Hits the 5 knuckle shuffle. Punk counters the Attitude Adjustment and nails the GTS but Cena kicks out at 2. Cena gets up and hits the AA this time and Punk able to kick out at 2.

Ryback still outside while Punk is the first to get up, then Cena. Both trade kicks and Punk Counters the STF and a running knee from Punk slows Cena down in the corner. Running Bulldog is countered and then Cena applies the STF. Ryback gets up, drags Cena to the outside, and closelines Cena. Ryback now in the ring, signals the Meat Hook clothesline, then marches around and hits Shell Shock on Punk.

Cena enters the ring before the 3 count, Ryback then hits Shell Shock to Cena.

What the hell, Now three men, dressed in black security clothing are attacking Ryback. They came from the crowd. Now, looks like guys from NXT, I remember their faces, they are Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns and they are attacking Ryback. Michael Cole confirms that they are in fact from NXT as they drag Ryback to the outside then put him through the Spanish announce table. Taking him out of this match.

Back into the ring, Punk crawls to pin Cena, who is still down, and gets the 3 count.

Winner of the Match – CM Punk via pinfall to retain the WWE Championship.

Punk leaves the ring celebrating as much of the crowd don’t know who the attackers were and are still shocked by the whole thing.

Great PPV, another weird ending to it but lots of action for many of the matches.

Next PPV will be the TLC: Tables Ladders and Chairs match on December 16th, 2012.

Happy Holidays to all and see you next month!

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