CM Punk leaving continues to dominate wrestling talk


CM Punk leaving the WWE continues to be the major talk of the week as more details continue to come out.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Punk had a concussion test on Monday after some concerns from the Royal Rumble match however the results came out negative, and despite Punk being banged up a bit he had no signs of concussion. A leaked photo from one of the RAW scripts on Monday showed that Punk was set for an in-ring interview but no match was scheduled at anytime during the broadcast.

The story that Punk left because of Batista, a story that has been circulating online, also seems to be false as Punk is said to be a friend of Batista and had no problem with him winning the Rumble however he was unhappy that he was put in a scheduled match with Triple H for WrestleMania.

Punk leaving has got some mainstream press attention as well including a story in a newspaper across the pond in the United Kingdom. John Cena has somewhat addressed the situation on Twitter saying, “Interesting time 4 @WWEUniverse on both sides of curtain. Strap in, hold on, 1 helluva ride is coming.”

Meanwhile, former TNA champion Bully Ray issued an invitation for Punk to come to TNA. “If the rumors are true, let me be the 1st to invite @CMPunk to @IMPACTWRESTLING and get in the ring w/ me. Fans would LOVE it. Yes or no?”

The WWE official account has also stopped following Punk.