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CM Punk discusses return timeline and The Rock coming back


CM Punk was interviewed backstage at UFC 298 by UK broadcaster TNT Sports and talked about his recovery and his return to WWE.

About his injury, Punk said that it’s sports, and it’s what happens to athletes and this is just an occupational hazard. He compared himself to an old car who needs to change parts sometimes, calling himself a “clumsy idiot” but with an engine that is still strong.

Asked about recovery, Punk said, “We’re thinking maybe six to eight months. I’m not really in a rush to get back, I’m not in a rush to compete, I’m in a rush to get healthy, I’m in a rush to get better, and the sooner I do that, the better I’ll be when I come back.”

Quizzed on returning to WWE and wrestling in general, Punk said that timing is everything in life and balance is key. He said when he was young he was on the road for 10 straight years and couldn’t say no to things but eventually burned out.

“Time heals all wounds,” Punk said, adding that all the stuff that happened 10 years ago doesn’t matter, it’s different people in charge and people change.

“It’s good to be back and super happy it happened,” Punk continued, noting, “The way I came back and how big it’s been never could’ve been what it was without the other crap.”

Asked about The Rock coming back as well, Punk said that it’s “fantastic” and the whole landscape has changed, saying that high tide raises all ships.

The former champion also hinted at still being involved moving forward while he’s injured.

“Even though I’m hurt I’m still gonna kinda be in the mix, my mouth still works, so I’m going to be able to talk some trash!”

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