CM Punk calls in radio show to surprise 77 year old man shot in the eye


Thomas Dotterer, the 77 year old who was shot in his eye last week but was more annoyed that Punk lost to The Rock than losing his eye, got a big surprise while he was on The Abe Kanan Show on SiriusXM Howard 101 this morning to discuss the incident.

Dotterer explained how he’s been a life-long wrestling fan and remembers him watching it with his dad in the early 40s. He said that CM Punk is one of his favorites as he is “outstanding in various aspects of wrestling” and because he does a masterful job.

Dotterrer went on to say that he likes wrestling because of all the athleticism, determination, and skill and Punk is outstanding in his art.

The hosts then told Dotterrer that they have CM Punk on the line and he’s been listening the whole time. He thanked Punk and the WWE for their work with the Armed Forces and for the smiles they bring to children.

“You gotta stop talking so I can put you over for a second,” joked Punk, as Dotterrer kept talking over with his excitement.

Punk joked some more telling him that he’s supposed to hate him and that he was ruining his gimmick but he wasn’t there to talk wrestling, but rather to tell everyone how awesome Dotterrer is.

You can listen to the segment below.