CM Punk blades on RAW, pays fine, and talks about it on Twitter


CM Punk claimed on Twitter that he ended up paying a $500,000 fine for blading on RAW on Monday night, also paying referee Charles Robinson’s fine for apparently being an accomplice.

The WWE champion posted a pic on his Twitter showing the eight stapes which were needed to close the gash on his head after the show was over.

“I paid Charles Robinsons fine. #respect,” he wrote. “And yes, I have more power than you could possibly imagine. 500k fine. Drop in the bucket. Bucket of blood!”

One CM Punk hater came back saying he wished [the cut] was across his jugular instead! Ouch.

WWE Superstars and Divas are not allowed to blade because of the TV PG rating the show carries. When someone bleeds the hard way the match is usually stopped until the wound can be treated and then they can continue if the trainers successfully manage to block the bleeding.