CM Punk and Curtis Axel go at it on Twitter


Two of the “Paul Heyman guys” went at it on Twitter today after CM Punk corrected a grammar mistake of a tweet posted by Curtis Axel.

“Life is good when your a #PaulHeymanGuy!!!,” tweeted Axel followed with a photo of Lesnar, himself, CM Punk, and Paul Heyman.

CM Punk was quick to correct his team mate – if you can call him like that – retweeting the same message but at the end he added a simple correction. “You’re,” Punk wrote, pointing out the mistake of the tweet.

The son of the late Mr Perfect was also quick to fire back at the former WWE champion.

“Love the grammar geeks! Just think, how impressive would it be to correct grammar with one eye after I bust YOUR orbital bone? #nerds,” he wrote.

Trouble in paradise already?