CM Punk and AJ Lee tie the knot


We don’t know if AJ Lee skipped all the way down the aisle, but we do know that AJ and CM Punk got married this weekend in a very small and private ceremony.

The perfect example of life imitating art, which happens a lot between WWE couples, Punk and AJ started dating shortly after their angle between them and while it was never acknowledged during WWE programming it was something that was not a secret among the Internet wrestling community.

The only time that it came close of being acknowledged was when AJ Lee, the day after WrestleMania XXX, told the fans on RAW that she was “the best Diva in the world,” a statement which sparked a lot of CM Punk chants for the obvious reasons.

AJ has been off WWE television since that day and Punk has been enjoying life outside wrestling since the day after the Royal Rumble when he quit the business. Lee has been living with Punk in Chicago for a while now and last month CM Punk announced that he was getting married in June.

The former WWE Divas champion is expected to resume her WWE duties in a few weeks while Punk’s contract will expire in July.