Chyna points out “double standard” in the WWE HOF

The Chyna/Hall of Fame debate continued on Twitter thanks to Steve Austin who brought up the subject to Triple H during the Unleashed podcast on the WWE Network.
One particular fan noted that Chyna should never be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame because of her former career as a porn actress. The “Ninth Wonder Of The World” noted the comment and asked the question why Mike Tyson, a convicted rapist, is in the Hall of Fame then.

“It’s not a knock against Mr. Tyson but it appears to me like a double standard,” Chyna wrote, adding that if the time ever comes to be in the Hall of Fame, she would like to have Jesse Ventura induct her.

Chyna wrote that she got in touch with WWE several times over the past years but her calls were never returned.

“Perhaps with the @steveaustinBSR podcast and the tremendous @WWEUniverse fans response it can get a dialog going,” she said.