Chris Jericho talks about his latest WWE return


The recently returned Chris Jericho said on his latest podcast that he expressed his wish to work with Bray Wyatt for WrestleMania but plans were already locked for Wyatt to be in a program with John Cena, leaving Jericho out of the biggest event of the year.

Y2J said that while talks for a return started around a month ago, everything was set up in “five minutes” with Triple H this past Friday. The whole return came up when someone from WWE creative called him to see if he was still interested in working with the Wyatt Family.

WWE took steps to keep Jericho’s return as much of a surprise as it can be, hiding Jericho in a bus for a few hours after he was instructed to drive down to the show after all fans made their way inside for the live broadcast. Jericho said that he did meet for a bit with The Miz and the Wyatts before they hit the ring to discuss what they were going to do for the segment.

It’s not yet known how long Jericho will be working for WWE this time around with some saying he will be with the company till the end of the year before leaving again to resume his work with his band Fozzy.