Charlotte vs Sasha Banks no longer advertised for Clash of Champions


The Charlotte vs Sasha Banks match for the WWE Women’s title at Clash of Champions later this month seems like it has been scrapped from the pay-per-view and there’s no mention of it at all on WWE.COM anymore. There are no details yet why this match is no longer advertised for the show.

Banks returned last Monday night on Raw following her title loss to Charlotte at SummerSlam and teased a retirement, only to attack Dana Brooke and announcing the bad news she had was for Charlotte, because at Clash of Champions, she would be taking her title back.

The only two matches being advertised so far for this pay-per-view is Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal title and The New Day vs Gallows and Anderson for the WWE Tag Team titles. The Universal title match can change to a three-way if Roman Reigns defeats Owens in a non-title match this coming Monday on Raw.