Charlotte destroys Becky’s knee after run-in during non-televised live event


The Becky Lynch injury and suspension angle continued during a Smackdown non-televised live event yesterday in Alexandria, Louisiana.

Lynch came out from the crowd and jumped Charlotte Flair who was wrestling Asuka for the Smackdown Women’s title. Flair quickly regained the advantage though and attacked Becky’s knee, working on it for several minutes including hitting her with a chair.

Several WWE officials broke up the fight and when Lynch tried to leave, Charlotte attacked her again, dragging Becky back to the ring for another beat down.

Becky has been storyline-suspended for 60 days, losing her WrestleMania spot…for now. On Twitter, Becky wrote today, “The McMahons are killing everything I’ve built, and they’re doing it week by week, and show by show. And even though I have NEVER ENDING knee issues, I will figure out a way to stay alive in all of this.”

You can see the video below.