Chaos rules inside the Superdome before pay-per-view started


Thousands of fans missed out on the pre-show as crowd control at the Superdome was pretty much non existent.

After getting checked by security and you made you way inside the stadium,

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chaos ruled as thousands of fans moved left and right through the hallways to find their section. However police officers inside the stadium made matters worse and prevented fans from walking towards one section, pushing everyone away and telling them to go the other way round.

Eventually sending that amount of people in the narrow hallways with concession stands along the whole way wasn’t a brilliant idea and resulted in the most unorganized and dangerous situation. Fans pushed into each other as other fans walked in the opposite way and with nobody giving way, problems started to arise.

Small kids cried as parents tried to protect them from getting squashed by other fans an security stood there doing absolutely nothing. It took well over an hour for some to walk from the main door to their section, completely missing out on the pre-show and even missing the opening of the pay-per-view.