Cena describes Lesnar as “best in-ring performer of all time” and talks WrestleMania


Speaking to Sports Illustrated, former WWE champion John Cena said that Brock Lesnar is the best in-ring performer he’s ever seen and actually believes he’s the “best in-ring performer of all time.”

Cena, who watched the Royal Rumble from the comfort of his own home, loved the way the match was laid out and Brock’s dominant performance. “I thought his performance at the Rumble was a clinic on how to establish yourself, how to establish those around you, establish the championship, establish the importance of one event,” he said, adding that Brock did all that in less than 30 minutes and called his performance “a masterclass.”

Brock, Cena said, has a way of making people better and he’s the best at when he’s dominant and the best when he is in jeopardy. “He still has a mystique about him that will draw eyeballs to watch him and when he does he never disappoints.”

Asked about a potential appearance at WrestleMania, Cena said that performing at the biggest pay-per-view of the year “would be a gift” and he knows those spots are few and far in between.

“I’ve expressed that I’m off. But I’ve also expressed that I live in Tampa. I will for sure be at the event and I have great trust in the process and I have great faith in Vince McMahon not only as a boss, but as so much more than that. As a friend, as a mentor. If he were to tell me that he needs me, I would absolutely be active in whatever capacity, whether it would be like last year in New York rapping my way to the ring or the year before being a fan in the stands. There is no job too small.”