Candice LaRae breaks her silence on Joey Ryan


Candice LaRae, the NXT star who served as Joey Ryan’s tag team partner on the independent circuit, broke her silence on Twitter yesterday.

“I am mortified. I absolutely DO NOT and never have condoned such horrible actions. I have zero tolerance for it,” she wrote. LaRae was criticized online for not reporting anything while she worked with Ryan, with many wondering how she did not know or realize what was going on considering her close working relationship with him.

“To the women he did this to – my heart breaks for you. I trusted this person. Reading the stories and learning how he acted sicker me,” LaRae continued, without directly mentioning Joey Ryan’s name. “Especially because you all trusted him too. I can’t imagine how YOU felt.”

LaRae said that she has nothing but love and respect for every woman and man who has been brave enough to speak out over the past several days.