Brock Lesnar signs off again with a Tout video message


“There’s nothing here left for me to conquer. I’m leaving the WWE, and I’m never coming back.”

And with those words, former WWE and UFC champion Brock Lesnar signed off – temporarily of course – via a 15 second Tout video message posted on Paul Heyman’s account. Lesnar’s multi-million dollar deal with the WWE is only good for a very limited number of appearances leading up to WrestleMania next year and it makes sense to leave the rest of what he has left to promote big pay-per-views, most likely making a comeback at the Rumble to start his WrestleMania push.

Following his return earlier this year, Lesnar worked a couple of dates to push his program with John Cena leading up to the pay-per-view match. After the angle was wrapped, Lesnar attacked Triple H on RAW, planting the seeds for their SummerSlam main event match. The addition of Paul Heyman bridged the gap between his appearances, saving his working dates for more important shows as Heyman continued to build the match with HHH without his client.

Lesnar has several dates remaining on his current WWE deal which was signed around the time of WrestleMania this year. His return was pretty much the world’s worst kept secret that weekend. Fans inside the American Airlines Arena the night after WrestleMania didn’t stop chanting his name when Cena was in the ring and the roof almost blew off when his music hit, sparking a “holy $hit” chant from the hyped-up Miami crowd.