Brock Lesnar shows up for Raw and walks out after business disagreement


The rumors of why Brock Lesnar did not appear on Monday Night Raw this week are running rampant and while none of these rumors are confirmed, Lesnar was indeed backstage at the show but ultimately left.

According to several sources, Lesnar flew in for the show on his private jet like he always does but there was a disagreement backstage which involved the business-side of things which left Lesnar very angry. The real reason behind the story is still not known but apparently it had nothing to do with the way he’s being booked creatively or even the way forward.

Some rumors floating around are not even worth printing unless they are confirmed and are very serious allegations if they are proven to be false.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer said that he doesn’t think anyone wants the story to leak until whatever it is is settled. “But something happened, but what that is, I do not know,” Meltzer said.

The WWE champion left Nashville while the show was still ongoing. He’s not advertised for any television appearances until the March 9 Raw.

Lesnar was advertised to appear on the show and have a face off with the number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight title Roman Reigns. Heyman even retweeted a Joey Styles tweet that said that both him and Lesnar are confirmed for the show.