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Brock Lesnar “breaks” Shawn Michaels’ arm on RAW


WWE.COM is selling yesterday’s storyline with Shawn Michaels and Brock Lesnar saying that the WWE Hall of Famer has suffered a broken arm.

The angle closed off the show after HBK was blocked by Paul Heyman from exiting the arena with his car and Lesnar ambushed Michaels from behind. Eventually all three made it back to the ring and Lesnar F5’ed HBK and put him in the Kimura Lock.

Triple H came down to save his buddy but Paul Heyman advised Triple H not to get in the ring or else Lesnar would break his arm. Lesnar “broke” HBK’s arm anyway and then rushed back up the ramp to avoid Triple H.

WWE.COM says there’s no word if Shawn Michaels will now be at SummerSlam to be in HHH’s corner considering the “injury.”

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