Brock Lesnar already drug tested three times by USADA


USADA is wasting no time in drug testing Brock Lesnar as in just three weeks, the WWE Universal champion was tested three times.

When Brock returned to the UFC for UFC 200 and received the waiver, he was eventually tested for a total of eight times leading up to the event and he failed two of them, one out-of-competition test and one in-competition test. His win against Mark Hunt was turned into a no contest.

Lesnar entered the USADA drug testing pool earlier this month and resumed his one-year suspension that has six months left on it. He can return to the Octagon in January 2019 and his first fight will be for the UFC Heavyweight title against Daniel Cormier.

As a part-timer in WWE, Brock is not subject to the Wellness Program but with USADA knocking on his door at random times for tests, it’s safe to say that the champ will be super clean going into SummerSlam if he hopes to return to the Octagon.