Brie Bella talks Daniel Bryan’s injury and new Total Divas season


While doing media rounds with the United Kingdom press to promote the new season of Total Divas, Brie Bella said that it’s been very hard for her husband Daniel Bryan to deal with his latest injury.

“This injury unlike any other has just been the hardest because in the past we at least knew ‘okay it’s surgery, this long to recover’, he unfortunately had a relapse, but then we knew how long it would be to recover after the relapse. But with this one it’s so unclear and that’s the hard thing,” she told tabloid newspaper The Mirror.

She said as his wife it breaks her heart seeing his dreams crashing down and said she wishes it was her in his position because she hates seeing him like that. Brie however said that Bryan is confident he will go back to the squared circle.

“He tells me every day ‘I’m getting back in that ring, just you watch’ and I’m like ‘oh I bet you will’. I have his support 100% and I really think he will get back in there, I really do. He doesn’t see it any other way.”

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