Bray Wyatt tells Matt Hardy no one would be #broken without him


Bray Wyatt told Matt Hardy that without him “no one would’ve been #Broken in the first place,” responding to Hardy’s earlier tweet which was a reaction to the Wyatts/New Day segment which aired this past Monday on Raw. “Go ahead LIE and say it isn’t true #IamTheWay,” he added.

Wyatt continued, “Love me or hate me, I am the single most creative thing this industry has seen this century. Constantly imitated, but there is only one me.”

Hardy called him “#BrotherNeroWyatt” and wrote that he “never asked for my #BROKEN condition,” calling it a curse. He then sent Wyatt an open invitation to his battlefield. Meanwhile, Senor Benjamin, also had a few words directed at Bray Wyatt. “Mister Hardy had dirty redneck gimmick before you were borned [sic]. Your battlefield is looking bad,” he wrote.

Matt has really excelled in this new gimmick he is portraying and his social media work to support it has been excellent to say the very least.