Booker T invites Corey Graves on his podcast to “clear the air”


Booker T and Corey Graves are not the best of friends and things got even worse when Booker T got ousted from his Raw duties a few weeks ago and replaced by Jonathan Coachman.

Many believe that Booker T was removed because of the problems between the two former wrestlers with WWE management opting to play it safe and get Booker T out before he does or say something to Graves on live television.

In a recent episode of his podcast, Booker T blamed Graves for not being on Raw anymore. “Lot of people in the company thought I was going to jump on him. I was gonna do something bad to him. I was gonna drag him. I was gonna take him out to the woodshed. I was gonna beat that man so bad that he was going to say ‘Please, please, just don’t beat me anymore.’ That’s how hot I was getting, that’s how close I was getting,” Booker said.

He then said that if he catches Corey on the street, he will do something to him, but he’s not stupid to do it at the office or at the airport. “But if I catch Corey Graves on the street, you see that little bouffant hairdo he got? I’m gonna rearrange it for him,” Booker said.

Graves took a shot at Booker on Raw last week when he told The Coach to watch his mouth or else he would be “doing local radio too.” He later went on Twitter and wrote a quote by Chinese general Sun Tzu which read, “Thus the expert in battle moves the enemy, and is not moved by him.” Graves even wrote that it “is what you think it is,” since many wondered if it’s about his situation with Booker.

Now, Booker T wants to clear the air and invited Graves on his podcast. “I’m going to address all of the news from this past week on my show tomorrow. There’s been a lot of things said and I’d like to publicly invite @WWEGraves to call in and clear the air,” Booker wrote on Twitter.

Graves accepted the request. “Gladly. You have my number,” he wrote.