Booker T discusses CM Punk’s surprise return on WWE Backstage


During his latest podcast The Hall of Fame, former champ Booker T talked about the surprise that he got on Tuesday night when CM Punk walked on stage towards the final segment of WWE Backstage on FS1.

Booker said that he did not know Punk was there and he had not seen Punk at all during the day so when Renee Young brought him out, he was just as surprised as everyone. He said that when Renee said they were going to do something new in the final segment of the show, he was lost because nobody mentioned anything “new” to him leading up to the show. Booker thinks that the end game here is to see Punk lacing up his wrestling boots once again and that’s certainly something that the fans are expecting.

Asked about what we can expect from CM Punk starting from next week on the show, Booker replied, “I don’t know, I really don’t know what’s gonna happen with CM Punk because CM Punk is a wildcard,” and then joked that they might have to get security to restrain him and escort him out of the building.

Booker revealed that after the show they all went out to dinner in Los Angeles and did a bunch of “small talk” mainly around mixed martial arts, fighting, and some wrestling talk.

When quizzed about what he thinks Punk meant when he said that “I change the culture,” Booker said he doesn’t know what he meant by it and it’s like a riddle at this point.