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Bobby Lashley “fired” by Adam Pearce on Raw


Bobby Lashley got “fired” by Adam Pearce on last night’s show-closing angle on Raw after altercations with the referees and Pearce himself.

The former WWE champion attacked several officials last week and was warned not to do it again. But Lashley was having none of it after the referee cost him the win against Rollins last night and then after he confronted him, he elbowed a second referee who tried to calm down the situation.

Adam Pearce came down running to the ring and tried to talk to Bobby but Lashley kept avoiding him, until he shoved him into the barricade.

The sound was beeped for an apparent “motherf*cker” from Pearce and then he told Lashley that he is fired.

“I’m what?” replied a stunned Lashley.