Bloomberg looks at the WWE sale rumors


Bloomberg is the latest website which has analyzed the possibility of WWE being sold to another company after the latest rumors of AMC Networks buying WWE spiked the stock for a few minutes last week.

“WWE would be very attractive to many different types of buyers. What they’ve built can’t be recreated. But without McMahon’s blessing, it doesn’t matter how much somebody is willing to pay for the company,” said Robert Routh, an analyst at National Alliance told Bloomberg.

To persuade McMahon to sell, any deal would probably have to be structured similar to Walt Disney Co. and Pixar’s relationship, in which the computer-animation studio operates independently even though it’s owned by Disney, Routh added.

Bloomberg lists Comcast, Disney, Anschutz Entertainment Group, and Madison Square Garden as potential bidders if WWE does end up selling.

All representatives of the mentioned companies chose not to comment about the rumors.