Big Show talks traveling, his start, and Mayweather on ESPN SportsCenter


For the weekly WWE segment on ESPN SportsCenter, former champion The Big Show was the latest guest of Jonathan Coachman.

Coach called Show an “old friend of mine” and went straight to the Tribute to the Troops show, a tradition which Big Show has been part of since 2003 with the exception of 2 years. Show recently returned from Afghanistan with the boss and a few other WWE personnel to spread some holiday cheer.

Show recounted a story from 2005 when he was joined by Coachman on the trip and Big Show said that WWE gave them a small duffle bag to put toothpaste, toilet paper and other personal items to take with them. Show decided to dump all the things and filled his bag with food, a move which Coach continuously laughed at. Eventually after walking for several hours, Coach was the one who was asking for food from Big Show and the situation was not funny anymore for Coach.

Big Show then talked about he was recruited by WCW as an opponent for Hogan and was trained by Terry Taylor, Diamond Dallas Page, and even Paul Levesque (HHH). He called his kick off to his career as “an overwhelming unbelievable start,” and he’s blessed for the 20 year career he had.

Coach quickly touches on WrestleMania 24 where Show faced Floyd Mayweather Jr as one of the main events on the card. Show said that Mayweather is “an amazing, amazing brilliant promoter,” and the “smartest boxer on the planet.”

To close things off, Show explained how he travels due to his big size, and said he doesn’t fit in rental cars or airplane seats anymore. He said he barely fit in the studio he’s in, and then stood up and just misses hitting the ceiling with his head!

You can see the whole interview below.